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Voting Rules
  • There are always thirty auctions available on every chart representing the next 30 calendar days. Users can vote for one or multiple charts. Vote allowance is chart-specific.

  • Auctions open 31 days and close 24 hours before the target value is known operating non-stop, including weekends and holidays

  • Users receive 10 votes every 24 hours for every chart on, use it or lose it

    • This baseline can be raised by providing us with more information about yourself User data

    • Precise users earn an additional vote allowance over time - this is a chart specific boost and will be available after the trial

  • You may only pick one value for any auction in any 24 hour window

  • You may assign more than one vote to that value at a square of the cost (this is known as quadratic voting)

  • You can pick a different level for the same auction in a different 24 hour window

  • Submitted votes cannot be changed
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